Zibra Planet – complete interactive platform

Zibra Planet is a personal multimedia center. Sit back and enjoy on TV screen interactive services with the remote control. News, meteo, games, VOD, and more! Zibra Planet platform is the complete customizable solution ready to use. We offer a wide variety of HbbTV services and constantly add new ones.

Strefa VOD – rich movie collection to choose from

Watch movies in HD quality. The service offers over 600 movies from the classic to the new blockbuster hits. The movie collection is categorized. Every movie comes with the description, trailers and optionally with parental control functionality. Our video player is well optimized for performance on wide variety of HbbTV supporting devices.

Interested in offering your own VOD collection as a HbbTV service? Please contact us directly.




Zibra Meteo – check meteo forecasts when you need it

Zibra Meteo is an interactive application offering a simple and intuitive access to meteo information and forecast. The version for a Polish market allows for a quick access to info for twelve major cities, as well as for over 800 locations from the list. Create your own list of favorite locations!


Zibra Stats

ZibraStats – effective HbbTV tool for stats and analysis is on the market. System monitors devices and activities. Provides statistical or behavioral analysis of the HbbTV platform or TV channels.




Totolotek, the sport bets have been launched on HbbTV platform in Poland. It is available on ZibraPlanet in CTN’s.

Zibra Lingua

The innovative learning system ZibraLingua in HbbTV starts on ZibraPlanet. Play & learn words and more. It’s fun!


Battleship HbbTV game by Zibra Technologies officially sails the sea on our Zibra Planet platform.


HbbTV application for RMFON



Zibra Football

Zibra Football, the original HbbTV network game from ZibraTech with option to play online with friends!


New HbbTV game: Bombmaster



New HbbTV game: 2048

HbbTV Service “Platforma Hybrydowa TVP”

On December 10, 2012, Polish Television TVP launched the main HbbTV Platforma Hybrydowa TVP. The service was developed by our company in cooperation with TVP and is available on all TVP channels in terrestrial digital TV broadcast.

The service includes four internal tabs: “Info” (News), “Teatr Telewizji” (TV Theater), “Pogoda” (Weather), “Ankieta” (Survey). Additional 5th element in the menu is the direct link to another HbbTV service “Pytanie na Śniadanie”. The main menu has the form of a carousel which enables in future to expand the set of available HbbTV applications.

The application works on TV sets and set top boxes with DVB-T tuners supporting HbbTV.



Sport service TVP in HbbTV

On March 12, 2013, Zibra Technologies in collaboration with Polish Television TVP launched a new sport service. The service has been developped using the HbbTV technology and is available on all TVP channels in DVB-T.

The service can be launched from the main menu of the “Platforma Hybrydowa TVP” application. It uses the full screen layout with elements like picture-in-picture and animated info-bar. We have implemented also new features and solutions that efficiently use the full screen of the TV.

This is the first in Poland HbbTV service offering a rich VOD content. While using the new sport service, sport fans can read illustrated news, view photogalleries and follow latest video reports and interviews.

The service works on TV sets and set top boxes with DVB-T tuners supporting HbbTV.

Enjoy the new sport service in HbbTV!

Service HbbTV „Pytanie na Śniadanie”

On September 27, Polish Television TVP launched a new HbbTV for the popular morning show “Pytanie na Śniadanie” (eng. “Question for Breakfast”). The service was prepared in cooperation with TVP and is available on channels TVP2HD and TVP2 in terrestrial digital TV broadcast.

The service includes five tabs: “The question of the day”, “Check the current weather”, “Guide”, “Cook with Us”, “Today in the program”. Content tabs are thematically and contextually related to the program and provide an easy way to familiarize yourself with the issues raised on the air.

The newly launched service is our pride.

The application works on TV sets supporting HbbTV.